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2:30am 04-19-2017
I was brought to your wondrous site by Googling a Barclay figure just scored on eBay. Happy!
11:03pm 06-26-2014
E Beth
Awesome picture of you Doctor
6:40am 12-16-2013
Barbara Walters
Hi Deke... Wow your collections just keep growing. All I'm selling now are postcards and jewelry. Don't you want to start a new collection ??? Have a Great New Year..
9:15pm 03-05-2013
Hi Deke,Just wanted to say hi as I have not talked to you in a while. Your site looks great. Happy hunting. Randy Johnson
11:18am 09-06-2012
Pat and Todd Jacobus
Deke, this garden and tribute to your Mother is absolutely amazing and breathtaking. We can tell that so much love and respect went into the design of this garden......She would be so wonderfully proud of you, and am sure that she was. What a gracious thing for you to do, for the city, community and for your Mother.......Your kindness is definitely reflected in your design...............
4:01pm 07-29-2012
Angie Boury
This is an absolutely beautiful garden and gesture by Deke. It is inspiring!
5:26pm 05-27-2012
Shelly Desjarlais
This website is incredible. I've just started collecting Barclay figures. I'm hoping to have as many as Deke one day! I have picked up one figure that I can't place as Barclay, Manoil, Grey Iron, etc. Any advice about where I can find information on my little guy? He's a cowboy, but none of the ones featured on this site. From collector to collector, thank you!
4:12pm 02-18-2012
Melinda Wilson
I have 18 Manoil soldiers as well as some tents and a flag pole if youre interseted. You can contavt me at I will send pics.
3:20pm 01-01-2012
Barbara Walters
Deke... Happy New Year and hope all is well... Barbara aka bwawa
5:39pm 03-09-2011
Herbert H. Booker II
Greetings & Salutations! Liked the collection of trading cards for the 1938 "Horrors of War." Emailed a copy of #163 from my collection, hope it will fill a small gap! Respectly yours, Herbert Hillary Booker 2nd of Tujunga, California
2:32pm 12-27-2010
glenn brown
I have card number 84 of your Uncle Sam National Defense Series. It is called Uncle Sam Sailor Blinker Signals. It is in excellent condition. If interested please contact me at 843 243-9315[
1:38pm 09-30-2010
In the Barclay soldiers, #143 i have the same one in the pic the # is 791 not793. Can u tell me the name thanks.
3:24pm 03-22-2010
Pat O'Brien
I just wish Deke was more eccentric so it would add to the experience of the collection.

9:28am 01-12-2010
Cecil's garden is both beautifull and serene...a unique tribute to a lovely lady....Deke's collection is a real treasure .....both have been made possible by a special man....
5:41pm 06-27-2009
Well done, my friend, well done.
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